Gustavo Vaz da Costa is the proud dad of two athletes: Nicholas (track) and Danny (boxing). The name of this blog, proudboxingdad, stems from all the driving the blogger does to support his oldest kid’s sport. You know, like a soccer mom.

The blogger is often asked if he was a boxer when he was younger. The answer is no, but he is familiar with combat sports, as he trained and competed in traditional Japanese karate for many years. If you must know, these days the blogger is an aging cyclist.

Ironically, it was in shotokan karate, a more subtle martial art, that the blogger gained an appreciation for a boxer’s skill and work ethic. The blogger’s brother, Rubão, had a former boxer from Argentina in the class he taught under Sensei Juichi Sagara in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Argentine was a heavyweight who was surprisingly quick and hit hard while breathing out noisily with every blow. He had trouble kicking because his legs were so thick, but he never complained and never seemed to get tired. I understood then that accomplished boxers were boxers who worked hard.

Danny works really hard, and the blogger is really proud of that.


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