Screw City Fall Brawl

Danny (red) vs. Ryan Hamel

Danny Vaz da Costa has fought four times since my last post: he was robbed against Ryan Hamel at a local show, won an immediate rematch, lost to a fighter from Sacramento at the Nationals Qualifier and beat Christian Tecutle at the Screw City Fall Brawl in Rockford, IL.

In their first fight, Danny dropped Hamel with a left hook to the head in round 1. Hamel did land a few straight rights after that, but Danny started slipping what turned out to be his opponent’s only punch and cruised to what seemed like an easy win. Incredibly, the judges gave Hamel a split decision.

In their rematch, Hamel fought dirty. He must have felt he had to do that because he couldn’t possibly win fair and square. He punched Danny in the back of the head and pushed him through the ropes almost out of the ring. When the referee was giving him a warning Hamel talked back to the ref and was disqualified.

At 5’11’’, Danny is used to being the taller guy in 132-pound division fights. His opponent at the 2017 USA Boxing Eastern Qualifier in Chattanooga, TN, was taller still. Fore scored enough to win a split decision boxing from the outside and running a bit. Danny hates losing, but he took this loss well. He recognized that, as Soichiro Honda said, “success can be achieved only through repeated failure and introspection.”

Photo credit to Three Rounds

Danny put lessons learned in Chattanooga to good use in Rockford, IL, where he scored from outside and inside, including with multiple uppercuts like the one below. Danny beat Christian Tecutle of Torres Boxing by unanimous decision.


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