Conquer Fight Night

Danny Vaz da Costa beat Danny Gomez at the Feb 25, 2017, Conquer Fight Night event in Libertyville, IL, by unanimous decision. But it was not an easy fight.

Mr. Gomez enjoyed the support of a larger crowd, since his gym organized the event. Yet, his opponent’s fans were the more vocal group in the first two rounds of the bout, as Danny used his jab and reach advantage to keep the hard-hitting southpaw at bay.

Danny threw over a hundred punches per round and gave Mr. Gomez a bloody mouth early on. Gomez missed when he swung wide, but in the second half of the fight he started connecting with the straight left. One of these shots earned him a standing eight-count in round 3.

An eight-count is not the same as a knockdown, although judges will sometimes score it that way. For that reason, a fighter who receives an eight-count will often make himself vulnerable by trying to land a big shot in return.

Not Danny. Confident he had the fight won at that point in time, he did not abandon his plan and continued to score with more punches than Gomez. Two of the judges gave Gomez that last round, but one of them agreed with Danny’s fans that the FLO Boxing fighter won all 3 rounds.

Good fight.


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