Danny Vaz da Costa of FLO Boxing fought Allen Terry of Luyando Boxing at a private show last Thursday, 9/22/2016, in LaGrange, IL, which happens to be Danny’s birthplace. The Brazilian-American amateur boxer is always motivated to compete. Yet he couldn’t help attaching more importance to this bout in particular because of the location coincidence. He was visibly upset upon hearing the bout might not happen.

Amateur boxers are generally allowed to be up to 7 pounds above their division weight limit on bouts that are not part of a tournament. The weight limit for their lightweight bout was 132 lbs. Danny weighed in at 134 lbs, but at 140 lbs Mr. Terry came in a little too big. After a brief conference, Danny and coach Achour Esho decided to take the fight anyway. It had been two months since Danny’s last fight — more about that one in a later post — and he really wanted to fight.

After losing a close first round, Danny found his distance and proceeded to break down his opponent in the second round. He moved well and landed several jab-cross combinations and body shots, as the pictures above show. Round 3 was even more one-sided, with Mr. Terry throwing fewer punches while Danny landed all sorts of blows almost at will. The result of this domination was a unanimous decision. And a very entertaining fight!