In the last two weeks Danny Vaz da Costa of FLO Boxing fought Richard Pointer of Boxing 4 Boxers, Isaac Reyes of Rumi Maki, and then Pointer again in a decisive rematch from which the action shot above tells only part of the story.

Mr. Reyes, Danny’s opponent on the June 16th Ring of Dreams III event in Chicago, was expected to be a pressure fighter. He did come forward, but it seemed as if he got tired early and was not able to keep up with Danny, who scored with jabs and all sorts of combinations to win by unanimous decision. The event was well organized and the crowd especially enjoyed when the excellent DJ honored 2Pac’s birthday by playing a few of his hits. It was a fun evening, and the FLO Boxing team already looks forward to Ring of Dreams IV.

On the June 10th fight against Mr. Pointer, Danny landed 181 of the 330 punches he threw, while his opponent landed 66 of 186 thrown. Even so, the judges gave Pointer a split decision. It’s hard to understand how the judges could have seen the fight so differently from Danny’s corner and the outraged crowd in attendance at the Riverside Golf Club. Mr. Pointer’s coach, Anthony Ivory, is largely considered to be the best boxing trainer in Chicago. His fame and Pointer’s Muhammad Ali-inspired moves may have had something to do with the strange way the bout was scored.

The rematch, which took place at the Kemper Lakes Golf Club on June 24th, was an intense, measured fight. Danny’s approach was less emotional, more focused. He did not get impatient with his opponent’s counter-punching and inactivity. He still threw 58% more punches, but Pointer threw even fewer punches than he did the first time they fought. By the second round, though, Danny was timing Pointer’s counters perfectly and from then on he dominated. It was a pleasure to see.

Now the young man will enjoy some rest before we travel to California for the Desert Showdown tournament, where the competition may be stiff, but where at least the sounds of 2Pac are sure to welcome these Chicagolanders to the wild, wild west.

Danny and Isaac Reyes at Ring of Dreams III