The 2015 Power Gloves Tournament


Danny Vaz da Costa fought two opponents with many more fights than him at the 5th Annual Power Gloves Tournament in Chicago during the first weekend of December. He boxed a puncher on Saturday and roughed up a boxer on Sunday to bring home the belt.

Luis Cano, the oldest of the famed Cano brothers of Oswego, IL, tends to plant his feet and hit hard. Danny, the taller fighter, stayed outside, moved well, and threw 301 punches to Cano’s 234. Yes, we counted the punches and that’s 29% more. The first round may have been close, but Danny clearly won rounds 2 and 3.

The other 132 lb open division finalist was Cortez Todd. A nationally-ranked amateur, Mr. Todd won the 2015 Detroit Golden Gloves at 123 lbs and advanced to the National semi-finals in May. Since then Cortez has gone up in weight. Yet, he still showed a lightening fast jab. After taking an eight-count in round 1, Danny adapted. He fought in close range, applied unrelenting pressure and ended up throwing 55% more punches than his opponent to win by split decision.

Danny showed maturity beyond his mere 25 fights. If he had tried to box Cortez he would have lost. He understood that and did what he had to do. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked. And therefore it was a beautiful victory.