Danny Vaz da Costa of FLO Boxing and Kevin Delgado of the Oakley Fight Club have one thing in common: their Chicago Golden Gloves finals opponent was Isaac Lujano. Delgado defeated Lujano in 2013 at 123 lbs, and Danny beat him at 132 lbs in 2014. The two GG champs will face each other in a 132 lb open division bout on 10/16 at the Teamsters City Auditorium (328 S. Marshfield Ave, Chicago). It should be a good one.

On a separate update, I had my first boxing class yesterday and the second one today. Jab, cross, hook, uppercut. It was just like riding a bike, except the bike was on fire, the ground was on fire, and I was on fire. Everything was on fire because I was in hell.


Since I started recording Danny’s boxing fights in this blog, I’ve become a bit of a student of the sweet science. I watch pro fights on TV, read blogs and talk about boxing with a few fighters I know. It’s necessary research that I enjoy doing.

The other day I was discussing training methodology with a boxer I know, and we disagreed. He said the approach in question — more about that in a future blog, perhaps — would not work for him because boxing is different. I thought he was wrong, but what do I know?

To be honest, I only know one thing about training as a boxer: it’s intense. But it might be fundamentally different from training in karate or cycling, the sports in which I competed. So I decided to join Danny’s gym and find out. Call it research that I may or may not enjoy doing. I start this tomorrow, and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Proud Boxing Dad


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