Toyota Park Invitational


Danny defeated Anthony Rutkowski of Grand Rapids, MI, by TKO two minutes into round 2 of their 132 lbs open division bout today at the Toyota Park Invitational.

Danny always finishes strong, but Rutkowski, a physically strong and awkward lefty, gave Danny an eight-count in the first round. Things did not look good for the young Brazilian.

After hearing some choice words from one of his coaches, Olympic alternate Miguel “Rico” Gonzalez, Danny did better in round 2. He followed a few hooks to the body with several unanswered blows to the head, only stopping the flurry when Mr. Rutkowski’s corner threw in the towel. It was an exciting fight.

His next fight will be a private show (meaning it’s not open to the general public) at the Glen Flora Country Club in Waukegan, IL, this Thursday, 8/20.

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